News from ECDS

ECDS database migrated to SND

The ECDS database is being migrated to SND. You can still search for climate and environmental data with, but to publish data and metadata visit SND - Describe and deposit.

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ECDS data portal operated by SND

ECDS data portal to make environment and climate data openly available is now run by the SND, Swedish National Data Service, at the University of Gothenburg.

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Growing metadata catalogue at the data portal

Recently, the data portal crossed the limit of 1000 datasets to explore. This gives the ECDS users new possibilities to find useful data through the portal.

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World Data Systems adopted new data sharing principles

As the leading international multidisciplinary organisation in the provision of trusted data services, ICSU-WDS has adopted Data Sharing Principles to advance its goals.  The principles embody the spirit of 'open science', meant to unite diverse communities of data producers and data users, …

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ECDS launching new, navigation-friendly data portal for open access to research data

A new, easier to navigate data portal for open access to research data is now being launched by ECDS. The portal contains Swedish research data from the fields of environment and climate.

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