Fleetweb offers visualized support for shipowners and operators by combining the best of several worlds – modern visualization technology, service design and an advanced but intuitive monitoring interface. By linking several systems to each other, a total overview of the fleet may be obtained, at the same time as you can ensure optimized utilization of your vessels.

The latest updated version of our custom-made on-line application Fleetweb keeps you updated and helps you be proactive rather than reactive.

Fleetweb uses modern visualisation technology, service design and advanced intuitive monitoring interface. By linking several systems to each other, you get a total overview of the fleet, while ensuring optimum use of your vessels. It now also gives you the benefits of careful monitoring, SMHI's forecasts and observations, and data reported by vessels - in a single system, significantly enhancing your proactive communication options.

Analyses of past performance and estimates based on voyage predictions mean you can take action to reduce fuel consumption and minimise the risk of your vessels arriving late, as well as ensuring vessel, cargo and crew safety.

  • Deviating vessel speed and fuel consumption put in relation to contracts
  • Expected and reported vessel arrival times in relation to SMHI estimations, based on data from ship captains
  • Estimates of potential lost sailing time and over-consumption of fuel
  • OVA; Ongoing Voyage Analysis. By a simple click you will access all necessary information on the vessel and its current route. Here are also all communications between SMHI and the vessel are available
  • Showroom - gives you a quick overview of the entire fleet, constantly updated