WebHyPro provides excellent decision support for people/decision-makers who are dependent on different weather and water parameters for their business operations. The system presents meteorological and hydrological observations, model calculations and forecasts in real time. WebHyPro is web based and easy to reach for the user.

Areas of use

  • Continuous presentation of up-to-date hydrological and meteorological information
  • Ten-day forecasts of temperature, precipitation and runoff
  • Option to download current data files which are used as input data for the HBV hydrological forecasting model
  • Possibility to carry out analyses in the form of, for example, generation of isolines
  • User-friendly web service with maps which you can zoom in and out of along with presentations of geographic data
  • Support for operational monitoring and prevention of floods and other critical hydrological incidents

Illustration of results

  • Time series with real-time data for observations, forecasts and calculated parameters for meteorological and hydrological stations
  • Maps you can zoom in and out of which show parameter values and isolines
  • Graphs and tables
  • Statistical analyses
  • Flexible system adapted to client needs