Find the Best Location for a Wind Power Plant with Virtual Measuring Masts

To find the best location for a wind power plant, a mapping of the wind is usually conducted, followed by measurements at the location. Measurement campaigns are
however often time-consuming and expensive, but with the virtual mast method, a quick
first "screening" of the wind conditions in a specific location can be achieved.

Before starting time-consuming and expensive measurements, you can study the wind conditions more cost-efficiently by using models, presupposing that the models, within reasonable limits, provide sound information in respect of the wind conditions. 

Virtual masts for "screening"

Virtual masts are easy to use. Setting up a model and making calculations over several years as well as evaluations can all be done within one or two months, depending on the complexity of the model. Furthermore, by using models, a relatively large area around the location in question can also be studied. This can be compared with traditional measurement methods that normally need to be conducted over at least a year to provide sufficiently comprehensive statistical data.

Virtual masts work as a cost-efficient “screening” as a first step. Measurements are still necessary, but when complemented with virtual measuring masts, the scope of the measurements can be made more efficient.