Water Services

Many developing economies around the world are currently experiencing fast economic growth and extended international investments in diverse sectors. However, the economic growth is not equitably spread to all societal levels.

Our water related services provide a unified approach to manage water, land and related resources in order to maximize economic and social welfare in an equitable manner without compromising the sustainability of vital ecosystems. This leads to long-term resilience, improved health, safe livelihood and thriving ecosystems. An example is the “Water And Climate Change Services for Africa” (WACCA) which is a framework for development of water and climate services based on providing new information with national and regional focus within a wider continental context.

Open-source HYPE-model

Our projects focus on supporting institutions by implementing participatory processes in the production of water information and by providing user-driven decision support tools to water managers at various levels who in turn acquire ownership of such tools. The open-source HYPE model, originally developed at SMHI, is free of charge, transparent and incorporates a crowd sourcing approach, having an online community of users and developers across the globe. Many regional user communities around the world have adapted HYPE and taken operational ownership of it for addressing specific needs of their respective regions. For example, the Niger-HYPE model has been successfully used for hydrological projections over the Niger River Basin in West Africa.