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Future of the Baltic Sea the focus of new research

The problems associated with eutrophication have long affected the Baltic Sea. Large blooms of toxic algae, oxygen-free bottoms and changes to composition of species have all impacted on the sea. Four years of research will provide more knowledge about the future of the Baltic.

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Portal provides easier access to data from climate models

Introducing the data portal which is aimed at researchers and other users who work with the impacts of climate change and need access to data from climate modelling. The portal has been developed within the framework of an EU project.

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How will the climate be impacted by future changes to the Arctic's sea ice and snow cover?

This is a key issue in a newly established research project that will examine climate change in the Arctic over the next 30 years. The study will show how the reduced amounts of sea ice and snow in the Arctic are interacting with climate change.

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Climate change – this could be the situation in Europe in 30 years time

In the early 2040s, average global temperatures could have risen two degrees above pre-industrial levels. A research project that examines the effects of a two degree increase in temperature presents a future scenario of the climate change facing Europe.

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Increased knowledge of climate change in the Arctic

Changed wind patterns and varying circulation in the ocean affect the future of the Arctic. Researchers have ascertained this after nearly four years of work in a multidisciplinary project to increase knowledge of the climate in the Arctic.

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SMHI develops forecasts for the solar energy sector

Short-term forecasts for direct solar radiation will be developed by researchers from the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute within the framework of a European research project on solar energy. A forecast of the amount of solar radiation and coming cloudiness would be of great …

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Improved forecasts to identify the risk of icing on wind turbines

Local weather forecasts for areas with wind turbines provide knowledge of when wind turbines risk being subjected to icing. Forecasts will now be developed to improve decision-making data.

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Torrential rainfall a common climate feature in the future

Changes in the climate are expected to result in heavier rainfall. Calculations with climate models show that a heavy downpour will give 20-30 per cent more rain at the turn of the next century.

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Climate change is affecting water supply in India

Drier in dry areas, wetter in already wet areas. This just about sums up the future water supply situation in India at the end of the century. In areas that are already experiencing water shortages, adaptation to climate change is very important for sustainable development and combatting poverty.

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A hydrological network for open source codes under development

How can researchers contribute in cooperation towards developing hydrological models? Open source codes are one solution. European researchers have met to develop this cooperation.

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