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Icing forecasts for wind turbines now possible

Wind power producers can now receive mapped forecasts displaying the icing risk for their wind turbines. This is important for assessing the production status for the next 24 hours. The service comes as a result of several years of research on wind power in cold climates.

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Plankton Toolbox – a new tool for working with plankton data

Large data sets on plankton biodiversity and abundance provide many opportunities for research and environmental monitoring, but may be time consuming to work with. As a part of the Swedish LifeWatch project SMHI has developed Plankton Toolbox, an open source stand-alone application which will make …

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Research project has developed tools for future hydrology

During a long-standing project, researchers have developed tools which provide new and improved opportunities to work with future hydrology, climate effects and climate adaptation. It has resulted in new knowledge about how future climate can affect the water surrounding us.

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International Project Office for Regional Climate Modelling at SMHI

SMHI has been named as the host of a new International Project Office for regional climate modelling. The Office will support the development of climate models and projections of future climate, facilitate cooperation between regions and countries, and promote knowledge exchange and capacity …

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ECDS now part of the World Data System

The International Science Council has approved Environment Climate Data Sweden’s (ECDS) application for membership of the ICSU World Data System (WDS). It is an international network of data centres that promotes universal access to research data.

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Hydrological model to support the countries around the Niger River

Heavy rainfall and dry spells are common in the countries surrounding the Niger River in West Africa. Researchers from SMHI in Sweden and the AGRHYMET regional centre in West Africa have jointly developed a tool which can provide a better quantification of the hydrological fluxes in the Niger River …

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Research on intense precipitation could increase preparedness upon local flooding

In recent times, abundant rainfall over southwestern Sweden has caused high water levels and flooding. An ongoing research project is developing flow forecasts which are better at capturing the effects of sudden downpours. It allows for better preparedness upon local, extreme water flows in the …

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Summer course on hydrological modelling

SMHI provides pan-European water information based on their hydrological model system, E-HYPE (European HYdrological Predictions for the Environment). During the summer, 20 people from six European countries gathered at SMHI to find out more about the model results.

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Baltic Earth research programme takes more durable form

The Earth System Science programme called Baltic Earth is now entering a permanent phase after an initial year of development. Baltic Earth enables researchers to co-ordinate transnational research around the Baltic Sea.

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Regional climate models discussed at Lund conference

More than 200 researchers from around the world are meeting this week in Lund to evaluate the recent development of regional climate models. These models have certainly been improved greatly in recent years; they can be refined further to provide even better support for the preparations we must …

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