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Sun and cloud forecasts provide benefits for solar energy production

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How much energy can a solar energy plant produce? One factor that has an impact is the weather. In a research project, SMHI is developing forecasts for solar radiation and cloud cover, for use by solar energy producers both in Sweden and abroad.

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Tripling of extreme storms in West African Sahel area, due to global warming

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Human impact on the climate has made extreme storms three times as common in the last 35 years in the West African Sahel area. Researchers have studied satellite data from the region and in a new Nature paper they show what they think causes the change.

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Air currents in the atmosphere affect sea ice extent in the Arctic

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Changes in air currents in the atmosphere has a great effect on the sea ice extent in the Arctic. Direct effect on the sea ice can be seen when the circulation patterns change. Scientists can determine this based on satellite data.

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EGU Award to SMHI researcher

Atmospheric Remote Sensing

Joseph Sedlar, researcher at the SMHI, has received the EGU Award for outstanding young researchers in the field of atmospheric sciences.

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Cloud analysis from satellite data is an important contribution to climate research

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Clouds affect both the weather and climate, and they play an important role in calculations of a changing climate. Despite obstructing the view, without clouds we would have it even hotter on earth, as they reduce the overall amount of incoming solar radiation. At SMHI, researchers are studying …

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Satellites key to new projects

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Satellite information is used in several different ways within SMHIs research. Two new projects are using satellites to monitor clouds in climate models to improve forecasting models.

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