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Regional climate scenarios key for local climate work

Improved regional climate models are invaluable for regional and local climate information, for planning of climate change measures, and for climate services over the next 20 years. One of the challenges is identifying the information that is most interesting for users. 

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Climate change shifts timing of European floods

A linkage between climate change and floods has been identified using a new international river flow dataset of unparalleled scale and diversity, to which SMHI has contributed. This is the first time this link has been demonstrated at a continental scale using observational data. A collaborative …

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Reduced spring flooding a result of climate change – may be counteracted through water regulation

In Sweden and other areas of the world with snow cover part of the year, the regulation of rivers has altered the flow regimes of springtime floods to at least as great an extent as coming climate change will alter them. Scientists are now suggesting that water regulation could be used in climate …

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Climate impact atlas for climate change in Africa to be realized

Researchers are now starting to create a climate impact atlas for Africa. This will show some effects of a changed climate. The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) will be providing expert support as the climate impact atlas is developed by researchers in Africa.

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Tripling of extreme storms in West African Sahel area, due to global warming

Human impact on the climate has made extreme storms three times as common in the last 35 years in the West African Sahel area. Researchers have studied satellite data from the region and in a new Nature paper they show what they think causes the change.

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SMHI at major European geoscience conference

Climate change, precipitation and open data and transparency in water research. There are some topics that SMHI researchers present at the major geoscience conference EGU 2017 in Vienna, 23-28 April.

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Rossby Centre 20th Anniversary - Climate modeling since 1997

Rossby Center, SMHI's climate modeling unit, celebrates 20 years. In this period the Rossby Center has grown from being a newly established center to being a recognized international player. The anniversary will be celebrated with a conference for researchers and users of climate research and …

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New report on European Earth System Modelling for Climate Services

Earlier this month SMHI submitted to Climateurope a report focused on the state of the art of European Earth System modelling as a key foundation of climate services.

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CRESCENDO is supporting policy makers on routes to realizing the 2015 Paris Agreement

Scientists from the EU project CRESCENDO met EU decision-makers to raise awareness about the challenges and benefits of realizing the Paris Agreement.

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International conference on development of climate services as decision support tools

The fifth international conference on climate services has just been summarized. The conference highlighted several important questions in the developing area around climate services, i.e. decision support from climate information useful for stakeholders in society.

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