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New research into water flows in a changed climate

How can climate change affect water flows, flooding and the transfer of nutrients via water? A far-reaching research project is set to develop a new generation of tools for hydrological climate impact.

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New climate projections indicate more extreme weather

Extreme weather will be more common in Europe, heavy rain and heat waves will be more frequent and more intense than at present. New climate projections for severe weather situations in 100 years also show that truly cold days will virtually disappear.

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Baltic Sea environment visualised during World Water Week

What causes eutrophication in the Baltic Sea? What are the future scenarios for the ocean? Ocean environment issues was illustrated in a visualisation dome theatre during World Water Week in Stockholm, September 6-8. SMHI also took part in workshops on the theme of Water Quality.

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New European air chemistry forecast service

We all know how much the weather affects our everyday lives, but variations in the chemical composition of the air also play a decisive role, mainly, perhaps, in terms of the climate and for our health. Now a completely new European air chemistry forecast service is being established.

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New climate tools for cities in Europe

City planners can access unique tools for adaptation to climate change. Researchers at SMHI, along with other European partners, are now developing solutions that make it possible to create individual scenarios in each city for flooding and air pollution, for example.

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Visualizing climate change at COP15

Presentations on climate change based on state of the art interactive visualization techniques. Experts and climate researchers from SMHI participated in several side events at COP15.

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SMHI at E-world 2009 in February 10-12

E-world - energy & water at the Messe Essen is the large fair event for all areas within energy trade, sales and marketing, energy production, plant and power station engineering and research. SMHI will present products in key areas as WeatherSync® Energy, TWh-Forecasts, Climate-Insights and …

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Research study shows the way for cleaner air

For the first time, extensive scientific evaluation has been carried out for a Swedish air quality model.

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New study: South Africa in a warmer climate

Warmer and drier, as well as heavier rainfall. South Africa is one of the regions that will be affected the most by climate change. A new research report shows how the climate will change and how various areas of society can adapt to the new conditions.

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Decision-makers from three continents on air quality course

The course focuses on air quality, the effects of air pollution and how urban air can be improved.

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