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Increased knowledge of climate change in the Arctic

Changed wind patterns and varying circulation in the ocean affect the future of the Arctic. Researchers have ascertained this after nearly four years of work in a multidisciplinary project to increase knowledge of the climate in the Arctic.

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Torrential rainfall a common climate feature in the future

Changes in the climate are expected to result in heavier rainfall. Calculations with climate models show that a heavy downpour will give 20-30 per cent more rain at the turn of the next century.

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Climate change is affecting water supply in India

Drier in dry areas, wetter in already wet areas. This just about sums up the future water supply situation in India at the end of the century. In areas that are already experiencing water shortages, adaptation to climate change is very important for sustainable development and combatting poverty.

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SMHI first with new detailed climate simulations of Europe

The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, SMHI, is the first institute in the world to share its latest generation of detailed regional climate simulations covering Europe. The high resolution climate simulations provide an even greater wealth of detail than previously published …

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More than 100 climate simulations show the future climate

Researchers at SMHI have completed over 100 regional climate simulations for Europe, Africa, the Arctic, the Middle East and South Asia within the framework of the CORDEX project. The result is detailed regional material that is unique in its size.

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Better infrastructure for continued development of climate models

More complex climate models make great demands on a well-functioning computer environment. In a newly established EU project, SMHI is developing and simplifying collaboration between researchers by building up the infrastructure and support services for climate research.

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Higher temperatures affect intensive rain showers

Higher temperatures affect the conditions for cloud formation and rainfall. Heavy rain showers, such as summer thunderstorms, are influenced more by temperature than rain from larger widespread rain systems. Heavy rain has far-reaching consequences for society, and these could worsen at higher …

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New planning tool for climate adaptation in cities

A changing climate places great pressure on society, and creates many new challenges. To make city planning easier, a planning tool has been developed to support climate adaptation of cities and regions in Europe.

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Prize to article in Hydrology Research

Researchers at SMHI received the award for the best article in the journal Hydrology Research. The article describes how information from climate simulations can be adapted to develop scenarios for water flow and water balance in a future climate.

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Climate variations for the last millennium

Variability and long-term climate change in the Baltic Sea region have been investigated in a 1000-year long climate model simulation.

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