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Tools for floods and coasts

A new EU-project develops solutions for discharge and nutrients to coastal areas across Europe. The model OPERR will provide data for monitoring and forecasts of volume flow and nutrients in European rivers.

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Scientific comparison of water quality models

A unique scientific comparison of hydrological models to assess water quality is being carried out. The primary aim of the international study is to increase knowledge on uncertainties in model-based decision support.

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Climate change a threat to sewage systems

Many cities could face problems with their sewage in the future. A research study for Stockholm shows that a change in precipitation, combined with a population increase, could bring disruptions as early as the middle of the century.

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Unique service for European waters

Is the flooding extreme? How often is there severe flooding? Brand new opportunities for analysing water issues in Europe are now opening up thanks to a web service developed by SMHI. High-resolution information about water flows can be downloaded free of charge.

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New research into water flows in a changed climate

How can climate change affect water flows, flooding and the transfer of nutrients via water? A far-reaching research project is set to develop a new generation of tools for hydrological climate impact.

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Baltic Sea environment visualised during World Water Week

What causes eutrophication in the Baltic Sea? What are the future scenarios for the ocean? Ocean environment issues was illustrated in a visualisation dome theatre during World Water Week in Stockholm, September 6-8. SMHI also took part in workshops on the theme of Water Quality.

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Spring flood increases phosphorus discharges

The discharge of phosphorus is an important part of the puzzle for reducing eutrophication in lakes and seas. Research shows that phosphorus levels can increase significantly in connection with the spring flood. More measurements will improve knowledge.

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New study: South Africa in a warmer climate

Warmer and drier, as well as heavier rainfall. South Africa is one of the regions that will be affected the most by climate change. A new research report shows how the climate will change and how various areas of society can adapt to the new conditions.

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One hundred years of hydrology

Knowledge of our watercourses is currently a major focus - particularly considering increased flood risks in a changed climate. This year SMHI is celebrating the 100th anniversary of hydrology.

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