HYPE in Europe: E-HYPE

HYdrological Predictions for the Environment - Europe

Aim: The aim of the project is to develop a system to enable simulation of water discharge along the European coast line. The recently developed HYPE model (Hydrological Predictions for the Environment) will be used together with global and European data sets of land use, soil and hydrological and meteorological information.

The system will be incorporated into the existing production system of SMHI and will be able to deliver results in the form of river discharge forecasts up to ten days forward in time.

The results will mainly be used within the oceanographic community, for example as input to ocean models. The result will be disseminated through the website of the SEPRISE project within the EuroGOOS network.

Duration: 2008-2009

Funded by: SMHI

Responsible at SMHI: Johan Strömqvist

External partners: EuroGOOS

Web site  EUROGOOS SEPRISE: http://www.seprise.eu/