Climate scenario data from Rossby Centre (ARCHIVE)

Rossby Centre's climate data archive contains a considerable amount of data from climate simulations which cover the period 1961-2100. The archive contains regional climate scenario data from model runs which have different emission scenarios, time resolutions, and different global models as drivers. Data is available for interested users and is designed to work as input data for impact models etc. Data can be ordered on request via e-mail.

About 140 annual simulations with the latest version of Rossby Centre’s regional climate model, RCA3 are available. The simulations cover the period 1961-2100. The difference between them is that different emissions scenarios or different forcing global models have been used. With regard to emissions, they follow the actual developments for the period 1961-1990. For the period 1990-2100, emissions scenarios from the UN climate panel (IPCC SRES, 2000) are used.

Available scenarios
Run RCM GCM Scenario Period Region, resolution
200713 RCA3 ECHAM5 A1B_3 1950-2100 Europa, 50 km
200613 RCA3 ECHAM5 A1B_1 1950-2100 Europa, 50 km
200603 RCA3 ECHAM4 A2 1961-2100 Europa, 50 km
200602 RCA3 ECHAM4 B2 1961-2100 Europa, 50 km

RCA3 general output list 2006

Previous simulations using the RCAO model

Six 30-year runs with Rossby Centre’s coupled atmosphere-ocean model RCAO were carried out in an earlier phase. These contain two so-called control runs which nominally apply for 1961-1990 and two future scenarios for the period 2071-2100 following IPCC's SRES B2 scenario and two scenarios for the same period following the A2 scenario. The dual set of control, B2 and A2 scenarios, are explained by the fact that different global models have been used to provide boundary values for RCAO.
Much of this data has been delivered to the European project PRUDENCE.

PRUDENCE webb page

How to order data?

When ordering data you should send your enquiries by e-mail to the Rossby Centre. Please provide a brief explanation as to what the data will be used for, list which variables and which time intervals you are interested in. Also specify whether the data is required for the entire model area or a part of the area. We will send the data in NetCDF and/or GRIB format.

A CD, SWECLIM data and visualisation tool, with a selection of climate data in the form of monthly mean values for Scandinavia from the RCAO runs is available on request.

Send an e-mail for more information and to order data


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