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Urban environment design reduces local heat islands

A study examining heat in urban environments has shown that good physical planning reduces the urban heat island effect, making it easier to deal with heatwaves. Knowledge from research on heat in cities from the Hazard Support project has now been compiled at

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Research provides new knowledge for local climate adaptation measures

A changed climate with more extreme weather involves a heightened risk of natural hazards if society is not prepared for the new conditions. How do municipalities and other stakeholders use new research in their planning? SMHI and SEI have examined how research can be designed to meet users’ needs.

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New project on the spreading of disease in conjunction with climate change

The climate is changing, and this will have many effects on society. Researchers, including representatives from SMHI, are now studying the consequences for the spreading of different types of diseases. The main areas of focus are the spreading of disease by the tiger mosquito, borrelia carried by …

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SMHI’s Berit Arheimer receives European award for outstanding contributions within hydrological research

The European Geosciences Union has awarded Berit Arheimer, Head of Hydrological Research at SMHI, the 2021 Henry Darcy Medal for her outstanding contributions within hydrological research.

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UN Day focuses on warning systems to limit natural disasters

On 13 October, International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, the UN’s World Meteorological Organization issued a report on risk information and early warning systems. Despite the fact that such systems help to save lives and property, many countries still lack them. SMHI is involved in several …

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