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Cloud analysis from satellite data is an important contribution to climate research

Clouds affect both the weather and climate, and they play an important role in calculations of a changing climate. Despite obstructing the view, without clouds we would have it even hotter on earth, as they reduce the overall amount of incoming solar radiation. At SMHI, researchers are studying …

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Decision-makers from Africa on climate change Training Programme at SMHI

The first sixty decision-makers from Africa have completed the Training Programme on "Climate Change - Mitigation and Adaptation" at SMHI in Norrköping. A total of 250 people from nine African countries will attend the Training Programme, which includes all aspects including the latest …

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Display service for climate change - new calculations to explore

In a web-based display service, SMHI is currently launching new imaging for climate change in different parts of the world. The service includes new climate scenarios for Africa, as well as calculations that show how global warming of + 2°C would affect the climate in Europe and Sweden.

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Restrictions on air pollution affect climate in Arctic

Restrictions on emissions of air pollution could slow down climate change in the Arctic. The results would be faster than from a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. The crucial factor, however, is which emissions should be reduced, because some air pollutants increase heating and others cool …

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Global climate models developed for detailed knowledge of climate change

Climate models are the tools used by researchers to investigate future developments in the climate. Researchers are now going to improve global climate models to learn more about climate change.

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