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Global climate models developed for detailed knowledge of climate change

Climate models are the tools used by researchers to investigate future developments in the climate. Researchers are now going to improve global climate models to learn more about climate change.

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New analyses show how the climate can change in Swedish counties

New reports from SMHI provide geographically detailed information about climate trends in Sweden, depending on future levels of greenhouse gases. The climate analyses can be used for community planning and highlights increasing risks as the climate changes.

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SMHI project Switch-On taken up by the EU as particularly successful

SMHI's project Switch-On was noted by the EU as a particularly successful project at the GEO meeting in Mexico. The project uses open data to create services for water management in Europe, at the same time as it builds up a research infrastructure to promote cooperation between European …

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Relationship between air pollution, health and welfare will now be researched

Are certain groups in society more likely to suffer from disease and premature death due to air pollution in the Nordic countries? If this is the case, what significance does it have for the distribution of welfare in the Nordic countries? New Nordic research collaboration will try to come up with …

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More measurements will improve knowledge of the status of Europe's coastal waters

A new EU project will improve observations of the status of Europe's coastal waters, including algal blooms. Existing observation systems will be linked together and new methods will be developed. SMHI is one of 33 institutes that are collaborate in the project, which will continue for four …

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