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Baltic Earth research programme takes more durable form

The Earth System Science programme called Baltic Earth is now entering a permanent phase after an initial year of development. Baltic Earth enables researchers to co-ordinate transnational...
Updated: 26 June 2014

Regional climate models discussed at Lund conference

More than 200 researchers from around the world are meeting this week in Lund to evaluate the recent development of regional climate models. These models have certainly been improved greatly in...
Updated: 16 June 2014

Researchers recreate European weather

A comprehensive reanalysis project will recreate the weather across Europe for the past 30 years. Precipitation, temperature, wind and air pressure, etc. are described at ground level and 30 km up...
Updated: 11 June 2014

Future of the Baltic Sea the focus of new research

The problems associated with eutrophication have long affected the Baltic Sea. Large blooms of toxic algae, oxygen-free bottoms and changes to composition of species have all impacted on the sea....
Updated: 22 May 2014

Portal provides easier access to data from climate models

Introducing the data portal which is aimed at researchers and other users who work with the impacts of climate change and need access to data from climate modelling. The portal...
Updated: 07 May 2014

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