European hydrological predictions for the environment

E-HYPE a Pan-European hydrological model (E-HYPE) with high resolution is operational in the SMHI production environment. The current version (2.1) has recently been released. It is operational to deliver real-time and forecast hydrological and nutrient data from the entire European coastline.

E-HYPE v 2.1 calculates hydrological and nutrient variables
E-HYPE is a model application set up to calculate hydrological variables (e.g.runoff, discharge, snow depth, groundwater level) and nutrient variables (e.g. concentrations and loads) for over 35 000 subbasins (median resolution=215 km2) across all of Europe. The model aims to take into account important processes including both hydrological and anthropogenic impacts for all regions across Europe (e.g. irrigation, hydropower). The model is validated for a wide range of catchment scales, climatic, physiographic and anthropogenic regions. Furthermore, the model is under constant development. See table 1 for more information on E-HYPE v 2.1 model set up.

E-HYPE v 2.1 is operational
The latest operational model version, E-HYPE v2.1, has been made operational in the SMHI production environment to deliver real-time and forecast hydrological and nutrient data for the entire European coastline. As well as forecasting, the model is used for hindcasting, evaluating nutrient status based on hindcasting, and running of future climate scenarios. 

E-HYPE as a research model
The model is also used for research regarding hydrological processes and predictions in ungauged basins. Currently, a number of research versions of the model, for example using different precipitation and temperature forcing data sets, also exist.

Funding and ongoing development
The model has been initiated by SMHI and funded by GMES, several EU FP7 projects (e.g. Geoland2, MyOcean, OPERR, SUDPLAN, Ecosupport) as well as a Swedish Formas research grant for the Hydroimpacts2.0 project. Ongoing projects in which E-HYPE is used include FP7 projects ECLISE, IMPACT2C, EUPORIAS and SWITCH-ON and the BONUS project SOILS2Seas.

Join us!
SMHI welcome all initiatives for further system improvements, such as more detailed input data and cooperation in HYPE-model code development. We invite researchers, practitioners, and water authorities to join this effort to construct a common platform for transboundary hydrological analysis at different scales over Europe.
Table 1. Description of E-HYPE2.1-2.5



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