Release of Airviro 4

Airviro has been updated to version 4.0. With the update comes a major face-lift to the user interface and maps, better Java solutions and a lot more.

"The most striking difference in Airviro 4 is the new modernized user interface", says Per Ivarsson, lead designer of the update. "A user logging in will immediately notice our effort to make Airviro both better looking and more user friendly."

Instead of the old GIF format for maps and overlays, Airviro 4 now uses the PNG format, which supports more colors and semi-transparent overlays. Together with anti-aliasing of both text and graphics, this should make the viewing of maps and graphics a lot more pleasant.

Better browser compatibility

Airviro 4 also comes with changes to the Java applets that should bring much fewer problems with browser compatibility. The work with replacing the Java applets with better solutions continues, and a future update to Airviro 4 promises an almost Java-free experience.

The Dispersion module has also seen a lot of improvements, including a full accumulation mode that allows the whole time period to be condensed into a single value for useful statistics such as min/max values and percentiles. It is now also possible to make an ensemble run, where five models can be run and compared in parallel.

Click here for the full list of changes.