Consultancy services

SMHI has Sweden's leading consulting group in air quality. We work both nationally and internationally, and offer a wide range of air quality related services. Don't hesitate to ask us even if you can't find what you are looking for below.

Over the years, we have gained an expert knowledge in air quality, and Airviro is only one out of many services that we offer. Today, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute constitutes the largest meteorological and air dispersion modeling experience in Sweden, with more than 25 staff members working with consultancy, research and development directly related to air quality.

Our clients are private companies and consultancy firms, local municipalities and environmental protection agencies all over the world.


SMHI runs an extensive network of observation stations all over Sweden for precipitation, wind, temperature, radiation and hours of sunshine. We perform advanced analyses using this data, both for regular monitoring and for one-time analyses.

We also measure wind conditions for the planning of wind power installations, and supply quality time series analyses and comparisons using nearby stations.

Emission inventories

Emission inventories can easily become very complex or too simplified. We can advise you on methods and tools to use, as well as sources and species to include. This will ensure that your emission inventory fits its purpose, becomes transparent and easy to maintain. We can also make your emission inventory for you.

Dispersion modeling

We have experience working on dispersion modeling on all scales, from the air quality around local roads to the global dispersion of radionuclides. To do this, we use a variety of tools from the OSPM street canyon model to the three-dimensional Eulerian model with atmospheric chemistry of MATCH that was developed here at SMHI.

Emergency preparedness

SMHI is the developer of the BAPS emergency preparedness system, which allows the user to easily and quickly study the impact of nuclear power accidents, volcanic eruptions or forest fires even as they occur.

Expert counseling and education

We have a long experience working with international aid and capacity development, and have over the years held fourteen international Training Programs in the field of Air quality Management.