Airviro is a web based system for Air Quality Management developed by SMHI and Apertum. It is an integrated system for time series data handling, emission inventories and dispersion modelling, and has been continuously developed since 1990 with thousands of users all over the world.


05 August 2016

Update on the Airviro course in Cheshire

Due to the small number of confirmed participants for the Airviro training course scheduled for October 2016 in Cheshire, we have decided to alter the contents of the training.

03 July 2016

The effects on the air quality from Baltic Sea shipping

Shipping is a large source of air pollution, and it is therefore important to study its effect on both climate and air quality. In a project commissioned by the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), SMHI has calculated the effect of Swedish shipping on the air quality in the Baltic Sea. The data has been computed by air quality experts at SMHI using the Airviro module Shipair.

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